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Technical Courses and Seminar

Every year we hold “Technical class for olfactory measurement”, “Training class for technical improvement” and “Seminar for olfactory countermeasure” to promote technical skill and knowledge on olfactory measurement.

Technical Course  for Olfactory Measurement

-measurement course for beginners-

This training course is designed to provide plain lecture with people who wish to study basic knowledge of “odor” and to be olfactory measurement operator.

This course consists of lecture and practical demonstration. E-learning is also available.
Training Course for Technical Improvement

-measurement course for the intermediat Seminar for olfactory countermeasuree-

This training course is designed to explain necessary information for quality control maintenance and its improvement, such as advice for measurement.  In this course, we evaluate precision (unevenness) and trueness (certainty) of odor index measurement results to the laboratories which conducted crosscheck.

Seminar for Olfactory Countermeasure

-proposal of odor countermeasure and its latest information-

This seminar began in 1970 and it has been held once or twice per year.  It focuses on enlightenment of knowledge on odor countermeasure etc.  Every time this seminar provides various topics and measurement case study to the participants.

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