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The Procedure for Measuring Odor

The procedure for measuring odor is broadly divided into three steps. The first is "collecting samples," for the causal odor. Next, a "sensory test" is conducted. Based on the result obtained, the odor index is calculated.

What is an Operator

The person conducting the test is called the "operator."  Along with knowledge and skill relating to all aspects of the operation, the operator is required to have normal olfaction. Since the odor measurement quality depends on the operator, the operator is tested. Only those who are granted by national certification are recognized as an "Olfactory Measurement Operator". Currently, there are over 2000 Operators.

What is an Panel

And the "Triangular Odor Bag Method," those who judge the presence or absence of the odor are called the “panel”. In this method at least six panel members with normal olfaction are required.

Therefore, we start with conducting the aptitude test to select the panel.
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