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Calculation of Odor Index

Answers must always be written down on the answer sheet, and never given verbally.
If you make the panel write down the odor intensity at this time, you can obtain information on whether the dilution ratio was appropriate, and whether the panel is answering by detecting the odor.

If all panel members answer correctly, increase the dilution ratio and repeat the procedure.

Increase the dilution ratio sequentially; Testing will be over when all panel members answer incorrectly. The odor index is calculated based on these results.

For example

sensory test

For example, with a person A the answer is correct with a dilution ratio of 300-fold, but incorrect with a dilution ratio of 1000-fold. The common logarithm value for both dilution ratios is (2.48 and 3.00), and the average is (2.74) This is the Person A's threshold value.The threshold values for all 6 panel members are calculated.

odor index

The odor index is calculated by excluding the two members out of 6, the person with the highest threshold value and the person with the lowest threshold value. Based on the average value of the 4 remaining members, the odor index is calculated. In this case, the index is 30. The odor concentration is 1000.
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