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About Japan Association on Odor Environment

Purpose of Foundation

Our former association Odor Control Association of Japan was founded in April, 1987 when the number of complaint on odor was rapidly increased and the necessity to solve these problems was urged.  Later, it was established as Odor Research and Engineering Association of Japan as it was accepted as a corporation aggregate under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment

Odor measurement seems to very difficult since it consists of mixed substance of low-density and multi-elements. Many industries such as livestock, chemical plant, painting, printing and food factories etc. have various odor problems.  Many countermeasures have been taken like change of materials, reconsideration of production procedure, installation of deodorizing equipments.  It is very necessary for researchers, business people, and administrative officers who involves in odorous matters to tackle with these difficult problems for better solution.

Our association was established to solve these problems, improve related projects actively, make contribution to preserve pleasant life environment and help wholesome development of these industries.

Nowadays, it is essential to create fragrant environment   and keep pleasant life environment as well as to prevent odor.  To deal with these conditions, new project to build pleasant life environment was added to our service, and at the same time, our association altered its name as Japan Association on Odor Environment on April 1st. 2003.
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