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Quality Control Business

To deal with complaints about complex odors from the service industries, local governments which adopt odor index regulation have increased year by year. Olfactory measurement method (odor index) is a superior way to deal with complaints, but its quality control is very important since it is based on human olfaction.  In the trend of international quality control, conduct of periodic and repeated external quality control is indispensable.
JAOE has conducted crosscheck as a unified quality control of olfactory measurement method since 2002.  Crosscheck is a way to total and analyze of data measured in inter-laboratory with reference odor for measurement.  It enables us to compare each result with overall ones and evaluate precision (unevenness) and trueness (certainty).  (Certificate for crosscheck participant is available to be delivered at your request.)
Necessary information, such as suggestions for measurement, is shown to participants at a technical improvement study course.
Known concentration disposable can for internal accuracy control is available to purchase.
This is a good opportunity for staff connected with olfactory measurement at laboratory to improve their technical skill.

What is internal quality control?

It is an intra-laboratory control, which is conducted periodically to measure odor index of known concentration sample gas and compare them with standard value. The object is a quality control management on a regular basis and it can be conducted at proper time. Application is accepted twice a year (early in April and middle in August).

What is crosscheck (external quality control)?

This crosscheck is conducted to measure odor index of unknown concentration sample gas in and evaluate of measurement quality through overall measurement results of participating laboratories. Application is accepted once a year (middle in August).

What is technical improvement training course?

This course is held to evaluate measurement quality of each laboratory, based on data from external quality control. Points to remember on measurement are shown at the course. Application is accepted once a year (middle in January).

What is certificate of unified quality control work?

This is a certificate to the laboratory which participated in external quality control.  It is issued at their request.

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