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Q & A

Q1.What are advantages of odor bag compared with Olfactometer?

A1.It simple in dilution operation and initial cost is more reasonable than olfactometer.


Q2.What percentage of examinees pass the sensory test(panel screening test)?

A2.About 95% of examinees pass the test.


Q3.What fold dilution can we measure from?

A3.Measurement is available from 10-fold dilution. Simple odor bag measurement is developed and we can measure original odor, too.


Q4.What are sampling bag, odor bag, and nose cone made from?

A4.Sampling bag and odor bag are made from polyester (Polyethylene terephthalate as chemical compound) film because it should be high in odorlessness and have low adsorption and permeability. Nose cone is made from odorless resin. It should be connected to thin pipe of sampling bag and cover nose.


Q5.How do you seal odor bags?

A5.We fuse them.


Q6.How can I get these equipment and apparatus?  Is it available to purchase any of them abroad?

A6.You can odor some of them from agent’s  website.


Q7.How much is sampling bag?

A7.It’s about ¥200 per bag. (Price depends on a supplier.)


Q8.How long do you sniff?

A8.We sniff for about 30 seconds per stage (3 bags).


Q9.How long does it take to measure?

A9.It takes about 20 minutes per sample.


Q10.What would you do if there is plenty of water at exhaust gas?

A10.We would install condensed water trap to cool water down and put gas into the bag.


Q11.For reference gas of acid ethyl, do you have any guarantee period for its concentration?

A11.It is guaranteed for 6 months.


Q12.Why do you use ethyl acetate, not n-butanol as a reference odor?

A12.Ethyl acetate is created easily and accurately,  and it remains stable.
It is relatively superior olfactory properties.  In other words, variations in the distribution of olfactory acuity of the panels are small, and the presence of odor can be judged easily.

It is highly safe substance for the operators and panels, and it gives them little health hazards or influence to health.


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